“Veiskillet” – Housing for the homeless in Trondheim

Architect: Civil architect MNAL Bård Helland. 

Client: Kirkens Bymisjon in Trondheim. 

The “Veiskillet” project, housing for the homeless, was realised in 2005 as part of the Housing Bank’s program «Housing for the homeless».

The “Veiskillet” project was realised as a part of the Housing Bank’s program “Housing for the homeless”.

The six apartments are adapted for young people who have problems with drugs and crime and are intended to function as a transitional home from prison to a more normal life. The project’s ambition is to create a place that is not institutional, but which can give a sense of belonging, at the same time as it becomes a safe and good home. 

Connection between housing and self-image.

The project illustrates a belief that there is a strong connection between housing and self-image, and that architecture can not only help to create a better framework for people’s lives, but also help to influence the life development itself.

The project is located close to the bypass road / E6, which is a 4-lane motorway section on the outskirts of Trondheim and is located in the intersection between a residential area, a student housing area, and a shopping center area. 

A transitional home from prison to a more normal life.

The plot is located in what can be perceived as a residual area down towards a pedestrian underpass under the main road. A surrounding grassland reduces the noise from the road and creates a sunny and sheltered outdoor situation sheltered from adjacent neighborhoods with planting.

The housing was completed in May 2022.

The project received the Statens byggeskikkpris in 2007 and Houens fonds diploma 2012.

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